Arabia Mountain National Park

Arabia Mountain was an interesting experience, never before have I encountered a terrain and ecosystem that encompass this Granite hill bio-me.

The Anthropocene of human interaction has made a significant mark on the landscape which has quite the history pre-dating the 21st century. The Landscape’s unusual composition made twilight and golden hour photographs romantically picturesque.


Augusta History Museum

Spending some time at the Augusta History Museum I stumbled upon the rustic seemingly abandoned area which had a wonderful picturesque quality.

The Second Picture of the Train Installation was a quite and awkwardly nostalgic moment the capture embodied the quite empty and subtly lit ambiance of a late evening train ride.


Old Car city Georgia

I find the suburbs of Atlanta in the surrounding counties to be an interesting display of mundane, quaint and almost a world apart from the developing Global economy. Image this road sign peak my interest in the creative intuition and improvisations of civilians.